What if my return takes longer than the allotted time?

The allotted times in the Book Online section are tentative.  We understand each return is different and the time it takes to prepare each return varies.  During your appointment confirmation call, we will assess the time your particular return requires and modify the duration of your appointment accordingly.  Lux Tax does not charge based on the duration of your appointment.

What are your service fees?

We are upfront and transparent with our pricing, please call for a quick estimate.  Each tax return is different and require distinct levels of attention.  While there is no limit on the cost of the most complex returns, our simple tax returns with only one W-2 can be as low as $125.  Lux Tax was created with the community in mind, so we are constantly offering discounts and specials.  Please see the Offers section for more information.

What is the difference between a tax preparer and a CPA?

Both a tax preparer and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can prepare tax returns for individuals.  However, CPAs have unlimited representation rights before the IRS and are able to sign business returns.  To become a CPA, a person must undergo many years of school, exams, and continued education.  At Lux Tax, our CPA reviews and signs every single tax return prepared to guarantee the highest quality in the preparation of your tax return.  In particular, our CPA holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Accounting from the University of Maryland.

Why am I asked for my prior year tax returns?

Simple, because it can help you save money and time.  You may be able to reduce your taxable income, and it helps us make sure we are reporting your information correctly.  The IRS runs a matching software to make sure your information is consistent with their records.  Having prior tax returns helps us avoid any potential delays due to name errors, date of birth errors, etc.  For example, a person who has two last names, and according to the IRS, this person only has one last name.  Including both last names in the return may cause a rejection and a delay in the filing of the tax return.  To encourage customers to provide their 2019 tax return, we are offering 10% off on 2020 tax returns.