Group Bonding


Everyone must bring the following documents to their appointments.

A Primary Photo ID

  • State Issued ID or License


  • Official Passport

& Proof of an IRS Tax Identification Number

  • Social Security Card


  • ITIN Letter

Child dependents are not required to bring a photo ID.  Some documents may be used in lieu of the ones mentioned. 


Please call for additional information. 

Young Family

Unemployment Benefits

During the pandemic many Americans filed for unemployment for the first time.  You should be receiving the following form electronically by the end of January.

Form 1099-G

Please bring this form to your appointment.



If you are self employed here is a document list you may need to bring for optimal service and the lowest tax liability.

Income Documents

  • Income Statement

  • 1099 Forms

    • 1099-NEC

    • 1099-K

    • 1099-Misc

    • etc.

  • Logs of payments received

Expense Documents

  • Receipts

    • For Supplies​

    • For Tools

    • etc.

  • Business Credit Card Statements

  • Car Mileage Information

Kids Doctor Checkup

Marketplace Health Insurance

Clients who purchased health insurance through the marketplace, and pay a monthly premium, you will receive the following form usually in the mail.

Form 1095-A

Please bring this form to your appointment.

This does not apply to you if you:

  • Receive Medicare

  • Receive free healthcare

  • Receive health coverage through your employer

  • Pay for health coverage through your employer